5 electronic cashiers

More and more scopes can be found for electronic cashiers: sells tickets, accepts payment for goods and services, pays out a wages. Within our last projects 5 terminals of the CM-T company, with the systems of Urban Money on them, went to work to Kostroma. Electronic cashiers will sell tickets to the night clubs «Poligon» and «Panther», and also to the amusement park «On Nikitskaya».
What is the electronic cashier?
It is an hardware-software complex that allows to accept payment for goods and services in cash and cards, is able to print checks, receipts, forms of the strict reporting, provides various information, distinguishes bar codes and fingerprints and much another. Electronic cashiers can be used in any area where reception or delivery of money necessary, they are always polite, don’t leave on a break cant get ill and it doesn’t need to pay them a salary.
All the visitor should do is to approach the terminal, to choose service, to pay it, to receive the check/receipt and delivery.
poligon_index pantera_index park_index
All the terminals has bill acceptor with recirculation of the banknotes — NV200 + SmartPayout. The acceptor equipped with cartridges on 500 notes and can operate with 80 accepted banknotes. Despite slowness of bill acceptors, in service they are much simpler and cheaper than a sheaf of bill acceptor and dispenser, they takes less places and can always issue the accepted notes back.
poligon_index pantera_index park_index
If there is some problem (no delivery, a malfunction with a bill acceptor, the tape in the printer ended, no communication with external registration system) — user deposed funds will be returned, and the messages about incident wil be sent to the administrator.
poligon_index pantera_index
If operation completes successfully, the user will receive the check and delivery, and in case of night clubs — the receipt with a bar code which should be put to a turnstile on an entrance.
The operator pannel used for service of the system. One can get x- or z- reports, replenish or collect bills from acceptors, shutdown of reboot terminal, etc. All that is required  for service of the terminal is to change paper in the printer and to take money from a bill acceptor. Any person who at least once saw how these operations without problems are made will cope with them.
The access to the terminal can be gained from a local network. At the administrator panel one can found out the current sum of money in a bill acceptor, operate advertizing and information messages, change passwords of operators, receive reports on operations, set addresses for malfunctions messages.
Now few terminals is in trial operation, and 2 already works in the production mode with great success.
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