Advertising Information Navigation System Urban City

Advertising Information Navigation System Urban City

Places with a large people flow, such as hotels, museums and transportation hubs are the most favorable in terms of advertising. But they are the most problematic at the same time. All people are somewhere in a hurry, there are a lot of placards, billboards, banners, decals and signs, trade stands and newspaper kiosks. Any traditional advertising medium could be lost in this variety. Can you think of anything completely new?

What is the advertising information navigation system Urban City

Advertising Information Navigation System is an information terminal, consisting of a computer and a touch screen. Managed by the simple touches it allows users to get the right information.

Promotional information terminal may contain information about goods and services of the company, facility addresses, timetable, reference information, etc.

What are the opportunities of Urban City System?

  • Promotional video, flash-animation or informational messages are shown on the screen in standby mode.
  • After touching the screen complete offer information or the main page are displayed.
  • You can search by category, keywords, names, addresses throughout the System.
  • You can search for particular sights (squares, buildings, monuments, museums, galleries, etc.) as well.
  • Objects are displayed on the map (branches, branch stores, etc.).
  • Address and a brief description of the object can be printed.
  • You can print a discount or promo coupon, etc.
  • By a single click the client can call a taxi on the terminal location, make restaurant reservations, book a hotel room, book an excursion, view the city map, print a coupon code.
  • There are some built-in functions in each kiosk as follows: video ads, scrolling text, interactive catalogs, presentations, and even simple games and quizzes. All of this information may be provided in any language.

Maintenance cost

Urban City information terminals are remote controlled and do not require any additional expenses except for connections and electricity.

What is unique about Urban City?

Urban City is a unique software that has no analogues, neither on the national nor on foreign markets.
Urban City is a software first of all. The terminal could be both of any appearance and terms of functions.

By purchasing Urban City you can get:

  • Lifetime license for an unlimited number of kiosks.
  • Remote administration and updating the content via the Internet.
  • Multilingual support.
  • Web and PDA application’s license discount.

Should you install Urban City terminals in the nearest future?

It is for you to decide. However, you should remember that if the competing companies start the installation of terminals before you do, they will get a strong advantage. Information terminals attract attention and offer a variety of useful services to the target audience. Therefore any advertising message can be received by the audience.

How much does Urban City software cost?

Request a free cost estimate for Urban City development for your city right now, by calling: +7 (499) 755-98-64 or +7 (499) 755-89-64. Implementation period is 60 days.
License cost includes navigation map’s add for up to 50 labels with a detailed description (POI).