Urban DCTV Digital Corporate Television

Digital corporate television Urban DCTV

What is a corporate digital TV?

It is a network of plasma panels installed where they are visible to your customers, for example in waiting areas, shops, shopping centers, restaurants, banks, etc. Unlike conventional TV, Urban DCTV broadcasts videos designed specifically for your business.

Urban DCTV system is a great advertising channel with wide opportunities and simplicity of content management.

Corporate TV is a software and hardware system of TV broadcast, thematically related to the activities of your company!

What are the opportunities of Urban DCTV System?

System is designed in such a way that each of the screens can operate independently of the other screens and display different information. It means that you can provide the customers, waiting in line at office, with the information about your new services. Commercials can be broadcasted in the hall or at the reception to promote the company and its achievements, and in the selling space as well to advertise top sellers for average check’s increase.

What is the structure of Urban DCTV System?

Technically, Urban DCTV System consists of web server connected to the local network or Internet. The server is connected to an unlimited number of monitors. With the help of a special editor-program installed on the server, you can create a scrolling text, widget (exchange rates, weather) or text / graphics page (e.g., of presentation) for a few minutes, and add a video as well.

Having created several pages of the right content, you can distribute the time and sequence of their displaying on selected screens. You just have to appoint the broadcast start and press Enter.

Having edited the content on server it is enough to bind one or more objects to the new schedule, and the server part shall update automatically the schedules for the rest of the screens.

What is the advantage of Urban DCTV over the other systems?

  • DCTV’s main advantage is that a constant broadband Internet access is not required for the System. Screens can operate completely offline, even if the server is shut down for some reason, they will continue displaying the latest uploaded videos until the connection to the server is restored. If one of the screens is temporarily de-energized (for example, due to power failure), it will continue broadcasting when the power is on.
  • Adding new screens into the system is also done automatically. Screen is ready to upgrade content and begins broadcasting just after its settings. No additional configuration and maintenance of the client part (i.e. screens) is required. *
    * Exceptions are cases when the company uses proxy servers or VPN connections.
  • Automatic collection of the page views statistics, making changes online, content choice for each individual screen or group of screens, screen autonomy – all this makes Urban DCTV System highly convenient and cost effective in service.

What benefits can Urban DCTV bring to your business?

  • If you have an extensive branch network, you can run one advertising campaign for all the branches centrally. System capacity allows various commercials to be shown in different offices.
  • These are real savings – there is the only server, a content manager and thousands of views of your advertising and promotional materials every day.
  • Even without broadband Internet access you can install a network of screens running by mode.
  • Urban DCTV allows to broadcast media content not on TV screens only, but also in the Internet, therefore the corporate website should become more attractive to visitors.
  • DCTV’s purchase and maintenance cost is lower of any other similar systems available on the market today.

Is it really difficult to manage Urban DCTV System?

Any system administrator or even an advanced PC user can manage DCTV System on the server side. Adding new videos and setting its displaying mode is as easy as adding some video to social networks.
For the screens it is required no special maintenance neither on connecting nor during their operation.


Software Warranty – 6 months. Free support is provided during the warranty period.

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