Electronic cashier from a box

Electronic cashier from a box
Do you have problems with cashiers: need of work in inopportune hours, sick-lists, holidays, absence of trust, mistakes, inaccuracy? Probably, any head faced something similar.
Thanks to modern technologies, now we can replace the cashier with the multifunctional terminal. It is hard to do it because of difficulties of introduction and service fear, mistrust of all new and high price.
We are trying to fight with the last. Leaning on our wealth experience, we developed ready software solution that costs twice less than standard custom-made development. Thus, now it is possible to get the electronic cashier with possibility of delivery for only 2100 EUR (1600 – the terminal, 500 – the software). If charges of the cashier is 600 EUR per month, in 3,5 months the terminal will pay off, and you will start saving on a salary..
Where it is possible to use electronic cashiers?
Our system can work in the fiscal and not fiscal mode. If the cashier is only required to take money for goods or service and to give out delivery, it is possible to replace him with the machine!
What electronic cashiers can?
Display advertising messages in screensaver mode
If nobody works with the terminal, it can be used as an advertising platform.
Display a list of categories and subcategories, goods and services.
Sale of goods/services with the client indication cost.
The buyer can set itself the cost of the service acquired by him, pay it and get delivery and check.
Return of the deposited funds if there is no opportunity to give out delivery.
If there are not enough money for delivery in the terminal, the placed money will be returned to the client. If return is impossible, the notice of current situation will be sent to the administrator, and the message with instructions and number of incident will be shown to the user.
Creation of the operations reports.
In the administrator panel, it is possible to receive the report for a certain period in which information about operations will be shown. There is also a possibility to export the information in excel file.
Reports on collection and replenishment of the terminal
Notifications about problems with the equipment.
If there is an access to a network on the terminal, at emergence of equipment malfunctions (paper in the printer ended, problems with a bill acceptor, etc.) or problems with delivery — notices will be sent to the addresses specified in the administrator panel.
The interface of system is rather simple and does not cause questions. At first, it is necessary to enter goods/service cost, or to choose the interesting product from the list.
Electronic cashier from a box terminal service sale terminal service sale
On the payment page, a user is offered to place money. If there is no cash for exchange in a bill acceptor, the message «Attention, the terminal cannot make delivery” will be shown.
interface terminal pay kiosk pay terminal
After introduction of the full sum, the check/receipt and delivery are issued to the user.
electronic cashier - thanks terminal - tanks
The user has an opportunity to interrupt operation and to receive deposited funds back. If there were problems with delivery the message with instructions will be shown to the user, and the letter with the description of incident will be sent to the administrator.
The service of the terminal is a collection of the cartridge of a bill acceptor, replacement of a tape in a printer and consideration of incidents. At the special control panel operator can set mark about collection of the terminal (2 options is realized: full or only the cartridge), view incidents, reset/shutdown the terminal, and also create x-and z- reports (in the fiscal mode).
electronic cashier - operator panel
If the terminal connected to the network administrator can get access to the control panel that is used for viewing of reports, change of settings, access parameters, and also editing services and advertising messages.
electronic cashier- administrator panel
For this kind of projects, the hardware component is very important. We chose best price/quality equipment for our cashier:
Bill acceptor: NV200 + SmartPayout not the fastest, but inexpensive and rather reliable device with possibility of delivery the accepted notes. It has cartridge on 1500 notes and 80 notes for delivery.
NV200 + SmartPayout
Printer — Custom VKP-80 II (fiscal/not fiscal the modes) simple and reliable.
Custom VKP-80 II Custom VKP-80 II
For those who wants to touch before buying, we made a demo-version of the system in which you can examine interfaces — http://usrbb.ru/demo (use the Google Chrome browser), and shot video in which you can look at system:
If you are interested in electronic cashiers or consultants – call +7 (499) 755-9864, +7 (499) 755-8964 or email info@urbansoftware.ru