Media Markt loyalty cards registration system

Media Markt loyalty cards registration system
First terminal for Media Markt Hitroshoping bonus program loyalty card registration started working November 2014. Our company was the only software contractor for this project. Except loyalty card registration it was necessary to resolve issues of monitoring and terminal statistics of use collection since by May the number of terminals passed for one hundred.
We already had an experience of the touch panels network organization for the Kitchen yard and BOSCH companies. In these projects we used linux operating system that provided the sufficient level of reliability, transparency and convenience of work both for one or group of terminals. At implementation of the project for Media Markt we also wanted to use linux. That was not easy to resolve a number of the technical issues like work of a touch panels, NFC and slot-hole readers of cards, etc. However, convenience of system installation on new terminals and simplicity of management of the old one costs the spent efforts.
Image of the system installs on the new device in the automatic mode, the only thing that it is required from the technician is to start from the usb-carrier, to calibrate the screen and to enter data on a booth arrangement. After registration, the terminal is periodically connects to the central server for synchronization of the software and statistics and monitoring data transmission. All information about cards is stored in internal Media Markt registration system. Panels interacts with Media Markt system by web services.
The important part in the project assigned to the updating mechanism. At the first stages of realization, changes were brought in placement and logic of elements work constantly. During all the time four main versions of system were replaced.
Media Markt loyalty cards registration system Media Markt loyalty cards registration system
Media Markt loyalty cards registration system Media Markt loyalty cards registration system Media Markt loyalty cards registration system
For the client the interface of system is simple. It is possible to register a new card, or to see balance. On the first step of registration it is necessary to put or carry out the card of loyalty. If the card is not registered yet, the system passes to the following step – the indication of phone and the user’s email. If the phone was not used earlier, the user passes to filling of the small questionnaire then registration is considered as complete.
More than 15000 successfully registered cards confirm that the system is reliable and rather convenient for users. In many aspects, it is a merit of system of monitoring and statistics.
loyalty cards registration system loyalty cards registration system - administrator panel

On the central server it is possible to see various data about registered terminals: geographical arrangement, time of the last communication, time of carrying out the last operation and so on. The mechanism of notifications is realized. For example, if one of the terminals constantly faces internal registration system errors, letters will be sent to technical support of Urban Software and Media Markt./div>

The great interest represents statistically data of panel uses. It is possible to receive any information — from number of the registered cards to number of users who had problems with the indication of birth date. Similar approach allows to understand, what steps causes users problems and to correct a situation.
Our cooperation with Media Markt will continue. Now we work on the following task within which the software is developed for GAMINATORs that allow to win part or all cost of purchase.
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