Terminals gives out money

Terminals gives out money
Any organization faces the money delivery tasks. A cashier or accountant take care about such operations. If we are talking about salaries and advance payments, transfer to the card is one of the most widespread options. But what to do if cash is necessary to the employee «on a situation» — at night or on the weekend? Cashiers can work 24 / 7 but it is extremely unprofitable to pay employee whom carries out only several operations a day. One of the best solution for this kind of tasks is to take for work an electronic cashier!
Similar complexes can work 24 / 7 without lunch breaks and days off. Generally, they are equipped with industrial dispensers that can give out money of four values and allows to operate with thousands of banknotes. That is why the service of the terminal can be carries out one-two times a week. Operation of replenishment is rather simple. All the operator should do is to open terminal with special keys and then serially to open and fill all of its cartridges. If the terminal prints out receipts, it is also necessary to change a tape in a printer. Such kind of tasks can be executed both the technician and the accountant.
Our company realized a number of projects with electronic cashiers delivering money. One of the first questions at design stage of similar systems is a source of information about employees and their accounts. The terminal can work with internal registration system or store all information locally. We will review two typical examples of similar projects implementation
All information is stored in external registration system:
Terminals gives out money Terminals gives out money
Terminals gives out moneyм Terminals gives out money
The employee passes authorization using rfid-card or a fingerprint. Information about accounts and balance requests from the web server of an organization registration system. After authorization, the employee can operate the balance – to change it, to receive specification on extracts, to receive cash. All data on delivery register in the report and transfers to a registration system.
Undoubted plus of such approach is efficiency of obtaining information – as soon as the employee receive cash, the accountant or the head will know about it.
system for terminals that gives out money system for terminals that gives out money
system for terminals that gives out money system for terminals that gives out money
In the second case the data about employees, PIN codes and payments (the sums, settlement information, dates by which it is possible to receive cash) are stored directly on the terminal. The user authorizes according to the card of an internal security system and enters a PIN code. Having seen specification, the employee can receive cash. All data about delivery saves in a report and can be export to a excel file.
With this kind of organization, the terminal can work without connection to an internal enterprise network, but efficiency of updating of data on employees and payments is low.
At the first and in the second case at emergence of problems with delivery only information about actually given money will be stored in the report. The messages with the description of a problem situation will be sent to the addresses and phones specified in the panel of the administrator. Notices also sent on achievement of a certain level of notes in dispenser cartridges.
If a terminal connected to an enterprise network, an administrator can work with the administrator’s panel: looks through information on number of notes in cartridges, change notification settings, upload history of operations and other.
Work with terminals is simple. Benefit from their use becomes notable in few weeks when cashiers and accountants do not need to remain overtime and employees can receive cash at any time. Efficiency and usefulness of electronic cashiers are proved by the fact that the organizations which introduced and rolled similar devices rather often order additional copies for the offices and branches..
The cost of similar electronic cashiers begins from 4500 EUR and depends on types of the equipment. Often they are used not only for delivery but also for other business and information tasks, in that case it is possible to speak about the corporate ATM. Soon you will find articles at our site with examples of implementation of similar projects.
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