Urban Insurance Multifunction System

multifunction system software for kiosks and terminals Urban Insurance

Urban Insurance is designed to automate the process of the insurance contracts’ calculation and sale. Urban Insurance terminals can be placed in offices, clinics, shops, cinemas and other places of interest. Users can interact with the system through a touch screen. After entering the data required for calculation of the contract’s value, the buyers will pass to the payment. Terminals can accept cash and issue fiscal receipts. Information comes to the central server from terminals and is available for processing by managers.

System is designed in such a way that it can provide both pre-sale and direct sale of services as well! It will redirect your application to the call center’s personnel and your application for the policy registration or delivery request as well (to the address entered by the customer through the terminal) will be proceeded to.

Urban Insurance’s main advantages are:


  • Allows you both to calculate and to sale insurance contracts for auto, health, travel and property insurance, etc.
  • Reports on transactions to the central server.
  • When connection fails it shall store the payments’ information and after the connection is restored the system will provide the information saved.
  • Daily collection is not required, all the cash is kept in the safe.
  • Anytime you can get actual information about the cash in a particular terminal.
  • Doesn’t mistake while taking notes.
  • Can give change by accepted notes.1
  • Credit cards are accepted.
  • Does not require salary increase and promotion.
  • Can’t get sick and can work 24/7.
  • Complicated maintenance isn’t required
  • Warns in advance when check tape ends.
  • Gives help and advice to visitors.
  • Can be of additional service to its customers.2
  • Can easily manage any business scale.
1. It depends on the hardware configuration.
2. Urban Insurance software is finely adjustable.

If you request a free consultation, we will choose the right hard- and software which meets your objectives and deliver the turnkey solution to you.

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