Urban CMS Universal Information System

universal program (software) for kiosks and terminals Urban CMS

Online demo-versio of the system

What shall you do when you are first time at clinic, museum or office center?

First, you look for anyone to ask a question that brought you to this building.

And whom do you ask?

As usual you address security guards, concierge, reception personnel or ordinary people who are just walking around.

Of course, these people are not always eager to answer your question, and can’t do that in general. It’s none of their business!

The information on information boards, if they are available, is often irrelevant and incomplete.

At present people try to use information kiosks and terminals more often and when they find themselves in a new place – try to find them faster.


Because it’s really easy: people can interact with those devices in the manner they interact with web-sites; the devices contain complete and current information, they are never in a hurry, and are always polite and courteous.

What is Urban CMS universal information system?

Urban CMS is a simple and convenient way to provide information. The system can be installed at any touch-screen kiosk, table or terminal. The application created by Urban CMS is optimized for touch devices.

Why Urban CMS is a universal solution?

Unlike other information systems for touch-screen kiosks Urban CMS can be used in any field (medicine, education, business services, banking, public service, etc.). System’s owner can choose a more suitable design and personalize the system as well – specify its name, add a logo, etc. Urban CMS-based application can run at various screen resolutions, such as 1280×1024, 1920×1080, 1080×1920, therefore it may be used by a kiosk or terminal without any modification.

What Urban CMS can?

  • Displaying screen saver in standby mode. If no one uses the system, kiosk or terminal may be as an advertising platform. Screen saver may be of any kind — video, flash-animation, a set of images, etc. Administrator can set policies and schedules for which materials are displayed.
  • Displaying structure and information pages. System may be of any structure. There could be a variety of information hosted on information pages: text, graphics, images, tables and video. Text editor, used in the Urban CMS, allows you to work with the content of the page almost like in MS Word.
  • Displaying photo and video galleries. There could be set up any number of galleries in system. Content management is performed by gestures. Changing the content is accompanied by stylish and elegant effects.
  • Displaying the news. The system provides the ability to create newsletters.
  • Search. System is able to search through all the content or just the content allowed by administrator.

* For specific tasks, the functionality of the system can be expanded through additional agreement.

What is Urban CMS application field?

Clinics, hospitals, government offices, schools, universities, colleges, museums, exhibitions, banks, office- and business centers, and hotels. Urban CMS system can be used at any area, where information should be provided to users by touch-screen information kiosks or terminals.


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